Why Apartment Buildings Are on the Rise 1

Why Apartment Buildings Are on the Rise

By Jennifer Barner / December 16, 2018

Since the last real estate collapse of 2008, many builders and developers had to declare bankruptcy.  It has taken many years to recover from the subprime mortgage crisis, but today when you look around, it appears money is as liquid or abundant as water.  Cranes are everywhere.  Multi family apartment communities are replacing strip malls.  They’re […]

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Turning Down a Deal 2

Turning Down a Deal

By debug-support / June 30, 2018

Mandy had a deal lined up that she was in love with, and ended up passing on it. When a town banded together to keep a factory out of their town, the potential lack of working force jobs made her no longer want the deal. Being able to pass on a deal that does not perfectly align with your strategy is an important skill to have. Mandy also runs us through some of her deals that she did purchase. A lot of great content added by Mandy in this episode!

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