Bookclubs? Are they Worth My Time?

When I think about why someone would join a book club, I immediately think about the mastermind group that Napoleon Hill recommends in his book “Think and Grow Rich.” Napoleon was an advocate of people coming together stating that when two brain comes together, a third is formed.   From the gathering of two or more minds, ideas that you wouldn’t normally have on your own emerge, as well as, changes to yourself. 

One of the best attributes that I found from a book club are the lifelong friendships that are made in a time where technology has created personal voids and disconnections.  Book clubs typically form fast friendships and admiration for the members simply by coming together to share our own interpretations and how it was applicable in our own lives.  One such book club resulted in the creation of a Facebook group known as Aspiring Woman Achieving More.  While our original intent was to come together to discuss business, we found ourselves talking about other passions in our lives and how we wanted to implement and incorporate those into our lives.  The natural evolution of our group hopes to encourage and inspire woman to fulfill their passions, seek wisdom from others to overcome hurdles, or give us the okay that our ideas are worthy of our time.  Gaining insights from people you know, like, and trust enable you to make better business and personal decision.  

Finally, it gives you better clarity moving forward as you grow in your business. I think everybody needs to be in a mastermind or a book club of some sort during different seasons of life.  Outside of the sharing and creative problem solving amongst the group, you personally get to practice your communication, listening, and problem-solving skills in a small safe group of people that want you to succeed.  This group setting is ideal for anyone wanting to become a leader for it promotes the development of skills needed as a mentor, coach and friend.  The relationships I’ve cultivated thru book clubs are treasured and ones I will lean on for years to come.  

Why not consider investing in you…