Projects 1

Rehab Project during COVID – 19

By Jennifer Barner / April 2, 2020

This property was purchased two weeks prior to the COVID outbreak in the US and the mandated 15 day quaratnine set by President Trump. My initial goal when I acquired the property was to update the property to the latest trends. That goal quickly changed to get in and out as quickly as possible before […]

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Projects 2

9024-9026 E. 85th Ter.

By Jennifer Barner / February 17, 2020

This Duplex ended up being a home run from the courthouse steps. We were able to refinance our “all in costs” back out of the property within six months of purchase time.

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Projects 3

615 NE 45th Terrace

By Jennifer Barner / January 16, 2020

Project Overview

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Projects 4

4002 Adams St.

By Jennifer Barner / January 15, 2020
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Projects 5

Woodson Apartments

By Jennifer Barner / January 14, 2020
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Projects 6

5516 Granada Ln.

By Jennifer Barner / January 14, 2020
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